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LED lighting (short for Light Emitting Diode) is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. Upgrading from conventional lighting to LEDs offers one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways for organisations to become more energy efficient.

LED upgrades can deliver cost savings of up to 80% for a business, and payback can typically be achieved in under three years. LEDs have a much longer life expectancy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting – with lamps lasting up to ten times longer.

According to the Climate Group, lighting accounts for nearly 6% of global CO2 emissions, and a global switch to LEDs could save over 1,400 million tons of CO2 and avoid the construction of 1,250 power stations.

LEDs are a mature technology, and quality LEDs can improve quality of light and colour rendering (a factor which enables natural colours to remain unaltered). To maximise on savings, businesses could also consider lighting controls, including daylight-linked photoelectric control, presence detection with occupancy sensors, time switching and flexible manual control.

Business Benefits of LEDs:

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Cost savings: of up to 80% compared with traditional lighting

Fast payback: typically under three years

Budget certainty

Energy and carbon savings: LEDs can give a 70% energy saving compared with fluorescent technology

Low maintenance: LEDs have a long lamp life, reducing the maintenance burden

Improved occupant health & productivity: well-designed LED systems can provide an excellent quality and level of light, with the optimum “colour temperature” and no flicker.

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