New Deal for Utilities campaign highlights key trends for UK energy

The New Deal for Utilities campaign has been launched by Utility Week, with intriguing findings from its initial survey on the UK energy market.

The key findings:

Around 1/3 of people polled think utilities should be nationalised. However, almost 1/4 of those questioned remained unsure as to who would be best placed to run these services.

14 per cent of those questioned thought utility companies should be owned and managed by private companies; the same number as those who thought it was a job for local government.

34 per cent would be more likely to vote Labour based on their policy of nationalising utilities, whilst over half said it would make no difference to their vote.

The main benefits of nationalising utilities were perceived to be cheaper and better services.

Over half of respondents are satisfied with their utility suppliers, with levels highest for water suppliers.

Respondents also felt water suppliers offered best value for money and were the most trustworthy.

Most of those polled saw rising prices as the largest contributing factor to mistrust in utilities providers.

The analysis…

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK, commented on the report: “The energy sector is experiencing a rapid transformation. It is important that as we go through this transition we ensure the market is working for all customers, including those in the most need, and our independently chaired Commission for Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances will be reporting shortly.”

David Smith, chief executive of the Energy Networks Association (ENA) said: “The spirit of public service runs to the core of Britain’s energy networks and the people who work for them. As our energy system goes through a period of almost unprecedented transformation and the interactions between networks and the public change, we need to ensure now more than ever that people are aware of the vital role that energy networks play in their lives.”

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