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Universities use position as investors to call time on greenwashing

A new net zero declaration has been launched by UK-based asset owners calling for minimum climate standards from their investment managers. Launched to coincide with...

Will COP26’s 1.5C goal be hit?

Initially thought unlikely, increasingly it appears COP26's 1.5C goal might be a possibility, or if not, something very close indeed. What's progress to date?

Why roadmapping net zero is a must pre COP26

Public and indeed corporate desire for climate-benign commercial practice has never been greater, yet the sheer speed of the net zero transition and the sheer pace of policy can be overwhelming.

Where are we on the Environment Bill with 6 months until...

Our climate reform is a ticking clock, and we still don’t have an Environment Bill to support change, 3 years from its initial penning. So where are we in the approach to COP26?