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Gas Purchase Agreements (Gas PAs or GPPAs)

Gas Purchase Agreements (also known as Gas PAs or GPPAs) provide a way for organisations to get paid for the waste green gas they produce.

Under a Gas PA, organisations that produce a lot of biomethane gas – such as those in the agricultural, waste and food manufacturing sectors – can export the gas directly to the grid.

It works by installing technology to clean, purify and pressurise the gas so that it can be injected into the gas network. A third party company develops a tailored gas purchase contract, manages balancing services and deals with National Grid on your behalf.

GAS PA Business Benefits:


Regular income: Gas PAs allow you to earn money from exporting biomethane gas produced as a by-product

GPPA Partners

Maximise the value of biomethane: exporting it to the grid is more cost-effective than burning it to generate electricity

GPPA Partners

Meet sustainability goals: contribute to the greening of the grid, and earn a Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificate (REGO)

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