The ESOS deadline has just been extended to 5 June 2024, to help organisations meet new requirements aimed at strengthening the scheme.

In its latest update, the Environment Agency (EA) said the extension is in line with requests from stakeholders and will give assessors more time to carry out assessments.

While the compliance date has been extended, the qualification thresholds and date remain unchanged. ESOS still applies to all organisations (and their corporate groups) that were classed as large undertakings on 31 December 2022.

When to submit

The new Phase 3 requirements need to be finalised in legislation, and the IT system for submitting notifications is currently under development. So, while it’s not too early to start the data gathering and reporting process, organisations can’t yet submit notification of compliance.

ESOS Phase 3 – the new requirements

There are several additional requirements for compliance in Phase 3 of ESOS, including a change to the de minimis exemption and the requirement to provide a more detailed, time-bound plan on implementation of recommended measures. We’ve got more details on our latest ESOS phase 3 guidance.

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