A new independent council has been launched to help accelerate the UK’s net zero transport goals. This change comes at a pivotal time as the general election approaches and government may change hands. Here’s what you need to know.

The Net Zero Transport Board (NZTB) is an external advisory board that offers independent, objective, and impartial advice on transport decarbonisation to the Department for Transport (DFT). The NZTB aims to support the development of the transport decarbonisation plan. It will provide guidance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport, focusing on long-term technological and behavioural changes necessary to achieve net-zero emissions.

Zemo Partnership, previously known as the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, organised the Council’s launch and has been offering policy guidance to the government for the past two decades.

Who runs the NZTB?

The board is comprised of leaders from diverse fields such as behavioural change, policy, environment, science, technology, and various transport modes. Lord Deben, former chair of the UK’s climate watchdog the Climate Change Committee (CCC), will also be chairing the Council.

Lord Deben said, “With transport responsible for over a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, if we’re going to solve this problem we have to effectively decarbonise transport. We must do this for our environment, and we will reap rewards both politically and economically from doing so.”

Together with over 200 other member organisations, the NZTB aims to carve a clear path forward in decarbonising UK transportation.

Additionally, the board offers constructive feedback, identifies risks and opportunities in the DFT’s decarbonisation efforts, and strengthens the connection between government, industry, academia, and the wider public.

To ensure regular progress updates, the Council will meet for quarterly briefings, with the next one taking place on 3 September.

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