The Environment Agency (EA) has said it will not penalise organisations who missed the 5 June deadline for registration on the new IT portal. The announcement is in response to the number of organisations who have struggled to register on the new system. 

In its latest newsletter, the EA said:

“For organisations qualifying for Phase 3 the deadline for submitting a compliance notification is the 5 June 2024. The Environment Agency advised we will not take enforcement action against you if completed your notification by the 6 August so long as you registered by the 5 June.

“We are aware that some organisations have been unable to complete their registrations and may not meet the deadline of 5 June. Organisations must continue to register as soon as possible but the Environment Agency will not take enforcement action if you submit your notification of compliance by the 6 August 2024. 

“This regulatory enforcement extension period will cease after the 6 August 2024.”

The Manage your Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme reporting system (MESOS) has now seen around 7,000 accounts successfully created to date, however an estimated 11,000 organisations are in scope of the scheme.

The MESOS portal can be accessed here:

For further support with ESOS, visit our ESOS guide or get in touch with one of our ESOS Lead Assessors.

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