Lockdown learning: SECR and Net Zero webinars

As the world adapts to new ways of working remotely, BiU has launched two new webinars to help sustainability professionals stay up to date with carbon targets and reporting.

The webinars are on demand and available to access now.

Webinar: Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Masterclass

In this 25 minute webinar, Bryony Karsenbarg and Anthony Mayall from BiU explain what the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) scheme involves, including scope and reporting guidance. They offer advice on turning reporting obligations into opportunities for bottom-line impact and net zero goals.

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Webinar: Addressing Net Zero

How to address net zero? A common question, and often at the start of many discussions regarding emissions, reporting and strategy. In this 12 minute introduction webinar, BiU’s Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Mayall, looks at the top ways an organisation can address net zero goals for the UK (and globe) and why it’s important.

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Round Table Energy Climate Spring 2020

Anthony Mayall, chief commercial officer of BiU, joined a suite of our strategic account managers and risk managers to discuss the current energy climate during COVID-19 from a client’s point of view, and how short term, long term and hurdles have arisen and been resolved since COVID-19 shutdown a lot of the UK. Free to watch with instant on-demand access.