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A new report released by the Royal College of Surgeons and UK Health Alliance on Climate Change is tackling practical ways to reduce the carbon footprint of surgery.
It’s still early days for the global green hydrogen rollout, but the UK government has taken another step to support the growth of the industry. Last month they published a response to their Low Carbon Hydrogen Certification Scheme, which...
Sultan Al Jaber stands at a podium, speaking, with a COP28 sign behind him on stage

COP in crisis

By Sustainable Energy First CCO, Anthony Mayall Just days before COP28 was due to begin, multiple news stories suggested its UAE hosts had been planning to leverage the talks for oil deals. What is there to learn about corporate sustainability and...
Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) have been around for over 20 years in the UK; giving energy intensive firms a chance to pay less for green levies in return for meeting energy efficiency targets. The current CCA scheme is closed to...
The UK government has announced a significant £4.5 billion investment in strategic manufacturing sectors, with a focus on economic growth, energy security, and levelling-up initiatives.