UKGBC consults on guidelines for carbon accounting and renewable energy procurement

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is seeking feedback on new guidance for procuring renewable energy and carbon offsets – as well as detailed requirements for carbon accounting.

The guidance forms part of the UKGBC’s work towards achieving net zero carbon buildings, and touches on a range of areas, including the current UK electricity market, green gas, local and international offsets, GHG reporting, and alignment with the UK’s net zero trajectory.

The discussion on renewable energy procurement to date has been predominately focussed on electricity procurement, but 21% of UK’s total emissions are attributable to building space heating and hot water with approximately 75% of the heating demand met by natural gas. The draft guidance sets out requirements for heating and hot water to be generated without the use of fossil fuels – in both new building design and in existing buildings at the next system replacement cycle.

The recommendations look to prioritise on-site renewable energy measures, as this both supports an increase in total UK supply of renewable-sourced electricity, whilst simultaneously reducing demand on the grid. It wants off-site measures to prioritise procurement routes that can demonstrate credible additionality, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with new renewable generators.

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Feedback can be submitted online until Tuesday 17th November 2020, and UKGBC is also hosting two workshops on the 5th and 12th November 2020 to provide an overview of the consultation, and offer participants the opportunity to ask questions and provide further feedback on the guidance.