UKGBC consults on scope 3 emissions reporting guidance for commercial real estate

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is seeking feedback on its draft guidance for scope 3 emissions reporting.  

Scope 3 emissions refer to carbon impacts across a company’s value chain, outside of their direct control, and represent a significant opportunity for driving carbon reductions.

UKGBC’s consultation paper sets out draft guidance for companies who own and develop commercial real estate, with a standard process for reporting scope 3 emissions. The guidance which forms part of the organisation’s Advancing Net Zero programme, is tailored to the commercial real estate sector in an effort to improve understanding of relevant scope 3 impacts and reduce barriers to reporting.

The aim of this project is to build industry consensus on the sector-specific guidance and enable reporting companies to work towards a consistent outcome. It will seek to clarify the reporting process and build on existing guidance, including the GHG Protocol’s ‘Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard’, and the RICS Professional Statement, ‘Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment’. This should improve the accuracy of reporting overall within the industry and, ultimately, drive industry-wide carbon reductions.

Feedback is being sought from businesses and stakeholders throughout the construction and property industry. A webinar will be hosted on 16 May to provide an overview of the consultation and allow participants to ask questions about the process and guidance.

UKGBC is working with member companies Carbon Credentials, HS2 and TFT to produce the guidance and the project is being supported by BBP, BPF and RICS.

Responses can be submitted online up until 31 May.