What is a SECR intensity ratio?

Companies complying with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting must include at least one intensity ratio in their report.

An intensity ratio is a way of defining your emissions data in relation to an appropriate business metric, such as tonnes of CO2e per sales revenue, or tonnes of CO2e per total square metres of floor space. This allows comparison of energy efficiency performance over time and with other similar types of organisations.

SECR Intensity ratios are calculated by dividing your emissions by your organisation-specific metric.

The government’s environmental reporting guidelines give plenty of examples of common intensity ratios. While organisations are free to choose their own intensity ratio, these should be most appropriate to your business activity, e.g. tonnes of CO2e per total million tonnes of production for the manufacturing sector. They should also be calculated on a consistent basis year on year with the method of calculation disclosed, and meaningful to stakeholders.

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