ESOS penalties: Environment Agency reveals latest companies fined for non-compliance

The Environment Agency has published details of the latest penalties imposed on firms that failed to comply with phase 1 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

According to the latest data, ESOS penalties issued over the last 6 months amount to £86,550. Since enforcement began, the amount of fines issued total £244,320.

Companies named

The largest recent penalty was issued to care home owner Amg Care Services Group Ltd, which received a fine of £22,500. Precision engineers Ardor (UK) Ltd and advertising firm Talon Outdoor Ltd received the next largest set of fines, at £13,500 and £13,350 respectively.

26 firms have been fined since enforcement began, and 11 companies have been issued with penalties in the last 6 months.

ESOS is now in Phase 2 and the deadline for compliance is 5th December 2019.

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