I’m not sure if I need to comply with ESOS phase 2 as my organisation is close to the qualification threshold – how can I find out?

f your organisation is very close to the threshold for qualification or has recently grown or shrunk then you may need to look back over several accounting periods to establish if you qualify for ESOS. This is because the status of an organisation is determined by whether they have maintained their size for at least two consecutive accounting periods. The exact wording from the regulations is as follows:

For example, an organisation that was over the ESOS qualification threshold every year for the last 10 years and then shrunk in the accounts ending in April 2018 would still qualify for ESOS. This is because it has not maintained the smaller size for two consecutive accounting periods, so it is still considered as a large undertaking.

If you are unsure and would like some advice, BIU’s ESOS compliance team are happy to help. Drop us a line or call us on 01253 785409.