New buildings in Greater Manchester to be ‘net zero’ by 2028

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority will require all new developments in the region to be net zero carbon by 2028, according to new proposals.

The draft Greater Manchester Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment was published for consultation this week, and makes clear its opposition to fracking as part of its ambition to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The commitment is part of an ambitious pledge to become a carbon-neutral city region by 2038.

“The need to decarbonise our economy means we need to look at low carbon energy generation and storage, retrofitting of buildings, and low-carbon transport,” Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said.

“Future climate change pressures will also require the city-region to adapt to bigger shocks and stresses, such as increased heat, drought and flood risk, which may require new sources of funding to be identified.”

Read the draft plan here.