Updated ESOS Phase 2 guidance: what’s new?

The government recently published updates to its ESOS guidance document.

Here’s a brief summary of the changes:

  • The latest version reflects the changed timings for ESOS Phase 2.
  • There is some additional clarification on the definitions of large undertakings, exempt organisations and calculating energy values.
  • There is also a handy 17-point checklist of what to include in your evidence pack, which wasn’t in the guidance for Phase 1. We’ve published details of that here.

New notification system

The EA has also announced a new notification system for Phase 2, which can be accessed here. It’s very similar to the Phase 1 system, with two significant changes:

  • If you need to tell the EA that you do not qualify (DNQ) for ESOS, you can do this using the new Phase 2 Notification System as the DNQ option is now built in rather than a separate system.
  • There is now an option to upload a list of all the organisations in your participant group, either as a standard template (downloadable from the notification system) or in any other format, such as group structure chart.

You can access the updated ESOS guidance here.