What do we need to do to qualify for ESOS?

Once you have established that your company is ESOS eligible, there are several routes towards ESOS qualification.

1. ISO50001 – If your organisation is fully covered by ISO50001, you simply need to advise the appropriate compliance agency that you are ESOS compliant.
2. Display Energy Certificates (DECs) – If your organisation has a DEC which covers over 90% of its energy use then no further compliance routes are required (although you still need a lead assessor to review your compliance). If the DEC covers less than 90%, then the remaining energy consumption (transport and industrial processes, for example) will need to be covered by another route to compliance.
3. ESOS Energy Audit – if you don’t have ISO50001 in full across your whole organisation, or if your DEC does not cover 90% of your energy use, you will need to complete an audit of your total energy consumption. This includes energy consumed by buildings, industrial processes and transport.


In ESOS Phase 1, only 5.7% of organisations demonstrated their ESOS compliance through ISO50001. The ESOS phase 2 deadline is 5th December 2019.